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Asha Rangappa Thumbnail
Asha Rangappa, Director of Admissions and Senior Lecturer

Asha Rangappa is available to discuss law enforcement and the FBI, counterintelligence, and constitutional law, particularly as it pertains to national security.

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Marnix Amand Thumbnail
Marnix Amand, Director of Graduate Studies and Senior Lecturer

Marnix Amand is available to discuss Brexit, Europe, the European Union, the Euro, The Netherlands, Belgium, France. 


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Janine di Giovanni Thumbnail
Janine di Giovanni, Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow Janine di Giovanni is available to discuss conflicts in Saudi, Yemen, Iran, Israel, Syria, Balkans and Africa. She can also discuss global terrorism (ISIS), sexual violence during war time; the Arab Spring; Europe (Brexit and France) and Russia.

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Howard Dean Thumbnail
Howard Dean, Senior Fellow

Gov. Howard Dean is available to discuss health care reform and foreign policy, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

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Matthew Spence Thumbnail
Matthew Spence, Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow Matthew Spence is available to discuss cybersecurity, the Middle East, Russia, and U.S. and White House foreign policy decision-making.

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Blair Miller Thumbnail
Blair Miller, Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow Blair Miller is available to discuss impact investing or socially responsible investing; investing in Africa; and philanthropy.

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