Shilpi Samantray

2023 Climate Fellow

Shilpi Samantray leads the Electric Mobility track at Ola Mobility Institute in India. Her work revolves around bringing in thought leadership on sustainable mobility, where she and her team help in influencing policy decisions through research. Shilipi has more than nine years of experience across multiple domains ranging from Electric Vehicle mobility transition, biofuels, solar rooftop, renewable energy feasibility in rural sectors, project management, and engagement under corporate and government climate action programs.

Previously, Shilpi worked at The Climate Group where she influenced sustainable initiatives in remote communities and worked extensively with the state governments to accelerate their climate actions. As a part of this, she represented the India Under2 Coalition team, along with three Indian state governments at COP23, held in Bonn. Prior to this, she worked at the Indian Institute of Science where she was engaged in a project to extract biodiesel from algae, publishing her findings in a leading scientific international journal. Shilpi holds a Master’s from TERI University in Renewable Energy, Engineering & Management.