Utkarsh Patel

2023 Climate Fellow

Utkarsh Patel is an economist and Associate Fellow at the Center for Social & Economic Progress (CSEP), New Delhi where he works in public policy research on climate change and energy transition in developing countries. At CSEP he has worked closely with Mr. Montek S. Ahluwalia to develop several pathbreaking studies on India’s climate policy and the related issue of financing climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. Utkarsh is currently examining different economy-climate integrated assessment models (IAM), with the goal of remodeling an IAM for India to project different decarbonization pathways for the country, their impact on growth, and related investment requirements. 

Utkarsh's research interests also extend to deep-decarbonization technologies including green hydrogen and their role in climate change mitigation, and urbanization and its effect on innovation and development. He is a founding member of GreenEarthAnalytics GmbH (Germany), and a consultant at the Global Institute on Innovation Districts (US). He holds master’s degrees in economics and energy regulation from Madras School of Economics (Chennai) and Technical University Berlin, respectively.