Increasingly, students pursuing global careers seek to integrate their skills in global affairs with a professional specialization that is more robust than what is possible in the two-year M.A. program.

To enhance the educational opportunity of its graduate students, the Jackson Institute collaborates with four of Yale’s professional schools and has developed joint degree programs that fulfill the requirements of each school. A joint degree is an integrated education program that is designed to achieve a combination of two programs in a way that is complementary to both while protecting the integrity of each.

Under the auspices of the joint degree, students earn an M.A. in Global Affairs from the Graduate School of the Arts and Sciences and the relevant degree (M.B.A., M.F., M.E.M., M.E.Sc., M.F.S., M.P.H. or J.D.) from the professional school. The two degrees are conferred only after the requirements of both are met.

As a joint degree candidate, a student can earn two degrees in two semesters fewer than if the degrees were pursued separately. With the exception of the M.A./J.D. program, this is three years. Candidates are expected to spend the first year in Global Affairs and one semester of the second year in the partner program. During the final year, students register with each program for one semester, although they may take courses from both programs either term.

Candidates must apply, and be admitted to, each school separately. Candidates can apply simultaneously at the outset or to the second program once they have matriculated in one of the programs at Yale.

Why Pursue a Joint Degree?

Hear From Alumni

"Jackson students and SOM students are asking the same big questions. In my field, global health, one of the big questions is how do we solve the HIV/AIDS crisis? At Jackson that question would largely be approached from what can we do with the World Health Organization, how do we partner with governments? At SOM the perspective starts with: 'You’re running an organization and you’ve been given $100 million, how do you actually serve the most people possible?' Being able to speak fluently in both 'languages' and communicate with all of the different stakeholders has really added value."

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Application Process

We’re looking for creative, intellectually curious individuals who come to Yale ready to define their own path to a career in global leadership and service. If you’d like to be part of shaping the global affairs conversation in the years to come, join us!

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Meet the Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows teach courses, consult with students about career ambitions, enliven the conversation on campus, and conduct research emanating from their experiences.

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Meet the Faculty

The Jackson Institute draws faculty from throughout the entire University community.

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