Increasingly, students pursuing global careers seek to integrate their skills in global affairs with a professional specialization that is more robust than what is possible in the two-year M.P.P. program.

To enhance the educational opportunity of its graduate students, the Jackson School collaborates with four of Yale’s professional schools and has developed joint degree programs that fulfill the requirements of each school. A joint degree is an integrated education program that is designed to achieve a combination of two programs in a way that is complementary to both while protecting the integrity of each.

Under the auspices of the joint degree, students earn an M.P.P. in Global Affairs from Jackson and the relevant degree (M.B.A., M.F., M.E.M., M.E.Sc., M.F.S., M.P.H. or J.D.) from the other professional school. The two degrees are conferred only after the requirements of both are met.

As a joint degree candidate, a student can earn two degrees in two semesters fewer than if the degrees were pursued separately (with the exception of the M.P.P./J.D. program, which takes four years). Candidates are expected to spend the first year in Global Affairs and one or two semesters of the second year in the partner program. During the final year, students register with each program for one semester, although they may take courses from both programs either term.

Candidates must apply, and be admitted to, each school separately. Candidates can apply simultaneously at the outset or to the second program once they have matriculated in one of the programs at Yale.

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Joint Degree Programs

Joint Degree Program in Forestry & Environmental Studies and Global Affairs (M.P.P./M.F., M.P.P./M.E.M., M.P.P./MESc or M.P.P./M.F.S.)

This three-year joint degree program combines the resources of the Jackson School and Yale School of the Environment. The program prepares professionals in the scientific, political and economic aspects of international resource management and environmental issues. To complete the joint degree, students must complete the requirements for the Global Affairs degree in a total of 12, rather than 16, courses. None of these courses may be School of the Environment courses.

The YSE programs consist of a core curriculum and electives (36 total credits). All joint degree students must complete the three-week YSE summer training program, which imparts field skills and techniques considered indispensable to students intending careers in environmental research, management, and policy, and a summer internship through YSE.

For more information, contact:
Yale School of the Environment
205 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511
General information: (203) 432-5106
Prospective student: (800) 825-0330
Fax: (203) 432-5942
email: fesinfo@yale.edu

Joint Degree Program in Management and Global Affairs (M.P.P./M.B.A.)

The joint M.P.P./M.B.A. degree program is especially oriented to individuals who plan international careers where management is or will become an important element or who plan management careers in organizations or fields with strong international orientations. To complete the joint degree, students must complete the requirements for the Global Affairs degree in a total of 12, rather than 16, courses. None of these courses may be School of Management (SOM) courses.

To complete the M.B.A. component of the program, a student must fulfill all SOM’s normal requirements. The one-year of Core Curriculum study taken by all M.B.A. candidates in their first year may be taken in either the first or second year for the joint degree student. Joint degree candidates take only 52 units, not the usual 72 units in SOM.

For more information, contact:
Yale School of Management
P.O. Box 208200
135 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06520-8200
Phone: (203) 432-5932
Fax: (203) 432-7004
E-mail: mba.admissions@yale.edu

Joint Degree Program in Law and Global Affairs (M.P.P./J.D.)

A four-year joint degree program is offered in law and global affairs leading to an M.P.P. degree in global affairs and a J.D. degree in law. Students spend the first year at the Jackson School, the following two years at Yale Law School, and spend one semester at each school during the final year.

To complete the joint degree, students must complete the requirements for the global affairs degree, though only a total of 12 — not 16— courses are required. None of these courses may be law courses. Students must also petition the Law School’s Special Course of Study committee and complete the requirements for the J.D. degree.

For more information, contact:
Yale Law School Admissions Office
P.O. Box 208215
New Haven, CT 06520-8215
Phone: (203)432-4995
E-Mail: admissions.law@yale.edu

Joint Degree Program in Public Health and Global Affairs (M.P.P./M.P.H.)

The Yale School Public Health (YSPH) and the Global Affairs program offer a joint degree program in public health and global affairs. To complete the joint degree, students must complete the requirements for the Global Affairs degree, though only a total of 12, not 16, courses are required. None of those courses may be taken at YSPH.

For the YSPH component, joint degree candidates must complete all core and divisional required courses as well as the thesis/capstone and summer internship components. Exceptions for joint degree candidates include the reduction of required YSPH course units from 20 to 15.

For more information, contact:
Yale School of Public Health
Admissions Office
47 College Street
Suite 108
New Haven, Connecticut 06510
Phone: (203) 785-2844
Fax: (203) 785-4845

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