The required M.P.P. summer experience, generously funded by the Jackson School, allows students to pursue internships and research opportunities all over the globe.

Taking place during the summer between their first and second year, students intern and/or conduct research in order to further their academic and professional goals during this immersive summer experience. The diversity of summer experiences is reflective of students’ wide range of Global Affairs interests.

Jackson M.P.P. students can receive up to $6,000 in summer funding. This funding allows students the flexibility to think creatively about where and how to spend their summer months – from New Haven to D.C. to Beijing and beyond.

In Their Words

Sarah Pieslak, Class of 2025 Thumbnail
Sarah Pieslak, Class of 2025

"Over my Jackson summer, I had the pleasure of working for Fresh Life, partner of The Sanergy Collaborative, in Nairobi, Kenya. Fresh Life is a social enterprise that provides safe, affordable sanitation solutions in urban slums while its partner upcycles the waste into sellable products. In my role, I conducted a project to strengthen Fresh Life’s service delivery model and improve customer retention, conducting stakeholder interviews and defining the project through implementation and evaluation. I also designed and built a data analytics platform to optimize Fresh Life’s government and community relations engagements. Jackson’s Social Innovation Initiative connected me to the coursework, mentorship and opportunities needed to effectively contribute to Fresh Life’s mission. I loved the opportunity to work with a mature social enterprise and see concepts from my Jackson coursework — like results-based financing and systems change — in action."

Rania Putri, Class of 2025 Thumbnail
Rania Putri, Class of 2025

"Over the summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern with the Fukutake Foundation at Benesse Art Site Naoshima in Japan and with Koalisi Seni (Art Coalition) Indonesia. At the Fukutake Foundation, I worked closely with the programs team to design and oversee outreach initiatives for local residents and visitors. I also contributed to archival studies of the Seto Inland Sea islands, learning about negotiation and collective policymaking from various stakeholders such as the local government, entrepreneurs, and community members. At Koalisi Seni, as a policy advocacy and research intern, I assisted in research development, conducted literature reviews, managed a database of censorship cases, and wrote op-eds on key arts policy issues in Indonesia. These two unique experiences helped me understand what it would be like working at the intersection of policy and the arts sector."

Mary Trichka, Class of 2025 Thumbnail
Mary Trichka, Class of 2025

"This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of International Affairs. As a member of the Western Hemisphere team, I tracked macroeconomic developments across Central and South America and the Caribbean and helped inform U.S. economic policy toward the region. I researched the economic impact of presidential elections in Mexico and Venezuela, analyzed IMF and World Bank funding to small island nations, and contributed to a report on nearshoring in Mexico and China’s efforts to circumvent U.S. tariffs. This internship allowed me to build on the economic analysis and writing skills I have developed at Jackson while diving into an unfamiliar region of the world. It also introduced me to public sector service — a path I hope to pursue upon graduation."

Soham Basu, Class of 2024 Thumbnail
Soham Basu, Class of 2024

"Over the summer, I completed an internship with the US Embassy in Singapore in the Economic/Political section. I supported Embassy officers tracking domestic politics, assisting US companies operating in Singapore and the greater ASEAN region, and deepening the US partnership with Singapore. In late May, I served as the control officer for our Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission at the Shangri-La Dialogue, Asia's major defense summit. In attendance were delegations from China, India, Japan, Korea and many more countries. Prime Minister Albanese of Australia delivered the keynote address alongside major addresses by US Secretary of Defense Austin and Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu. In addition to external facing diplomatic work, I helped our ESTH (Environment, Science, Technology, Health) officers to analyze the state of shark finning in the region. After beginning Mandarin study during my first year at Jackson, it was validating to be in a country where Mandarin was not only a part of political work but a part of daily life as well. It was energizing to be thrust into the world of diplomacy, especially in a region where commercial, diplomatic, and political competition is at a high watermark. The soft and hard skills I gained from Jackson were all immediately put into use in Embassy life, whether it was writing analytical reports or building rapport with counterparts on areas of mutual interest."

Viola Fur, Class of 2024 Thumbnail
Viola Fur, Class of 2024

"Over my Jackson summer I worked for the World Bank’s Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment as well as Public Sector teams in Abuja, Nigeria. In this role I researched and wrote parts of the World Bank Nigeria’s flagship publication, the biannual Nigeria Development Update, and publicized the report’s macroeconomic policy recommendations with government and non-government stakeholders amidst rapidly changing political and economic circumstances. Later, I also analyzed the political economy of public goods delivery across Nigeria to prepare for the launch of a significant new World Bank project in this field. Having specialized in macroeconomic policy and international development at Jackson, this internship allowed me to leverage that knowledge and deepen my understanding of how multilateral banks work with governments on economic policymaking."

Paulina Prasad, Class of 2024 Thumbnail
Paulina Prasad, Class of 2024

"This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at RMI on their Climate Finance Access Network Team. I explored the ins and outs of climate finance flows to the Caribbean and Pacific regions, and strengthened our training program to support our country partners more securely access climate finance. As part of my work, I researched and published an article about barriers to accessing climate finance in our target regions where I looked at the eligibility criteria for island states. Additionally, I conducted a statistical analysis of international climate funds to better understand the state of climate finance for our partner countries. I loved my time at RMI as it gave me an awesome look at what life post-graduation might look like!"

Alex Cherry, Class of 2024 Thumbnail
Alex Cherry, Class of 2024

"This past summer, I was fortunate enough to complete an internship at the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, Italy. I was placed within the Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity, and the Environment, on a team focused on scaling up climate ambition in agriculture through policy and implementation across a group of 12 developing countries. In this team, I contributed policy research for an upcoming paper about the integration of water, climate, and agriculture in national-level policies around the world, identifying typologies that could be used as models for additional countries in their policy-making strategies to keep in line with Paris Agreement goals through the agricultural sector. My coursework at Jackson in environmental governance and international development prepared me to enter the UN and best take advantage of this incredible opportunity."

Sharanya Rajiv, Class of 2023 Thumbnail
Sharanya Rajiv, Class of 2023

"I spent my Jackson summer working as a social development consultant in the World Bank's office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I focused on local governance in Uzbekistan, specifically how traditional community institutions pose opportunities for and challenges to ensuring accountability, transparency, and inclusion while delivering local public services. During my time there, I drew heavily on the learnings from a practicum class on policy design and institutional reform, for which I had worked on a project examining how community-based development could be applied to infrastructure projects in Uzbekistan. I was also able to apply the skills I learned at Jackson, including Russian language, policy communication, and quantitative analysis. This summer experience gave me insights on how international financial institutions engage with governments while working on projects to provide public services and infrastructure to local communities. In particular, I learnt about the limits and opportunities they face in authoritarian countries."

Sei-kashe M'pfunya, Class of 2023 Thumbnail
Sei-kashe M'pfunya, Class of 2023

"During the summer, I had the opportunity to work for Schmidt Future’s Quad Fellowship program. As interim program manager, I collaborated closely with the Executive Director and the Senior Manager to design and operationalize the pre-program design and platform for the incoming 100 fellow cohort. This included planning out the format of graduate applicant advising support, market analyses of welcome platforms, and strategizing the agenda for the pre-program kick-off events. In addition, I researched varying fellowship nomination models and presented insights on best practices for future implementation in the program. It was a wonderful experience where I met long term friends and colleagues who I hope to work with in the future. The experience also gave me clarity of where I would like to see myself post-graduation!"