GLBL 772

The Jackson Institute invites applications to GLBL 772, Practical Challenges in Reform and Transition Contexts with Clare Lockhart.

This course will expose students to challenges and opportunities for countries undergoing reform and/or reconstruction today. It will provide students with a comparative overview of recent historical cases and a set of perspectives on navigating reform and institution-building from major actors. Students will have the opportunity to work in teams to address a current challenge with counterparts from a government or international organization. Students will select one country (eg Puerto Rico, Libya, Yemen) or functional issue (eg security sector reform, reforming aid practices) from a set of options. Students will then work with their counterparts to produce a problem definition, analysis and set of recommendations for a future roadmap. These will be presented to the class and to senior decision-makers.

The seminar is a graduate class but undergraduates may also apply. The seminar will be limited to 16 places.

Deadline extended! Applications are now due Jan. 16, 2018 by 3 p.m.

GLBL 772 | Practical Challenges in Reform and Transition Contexts

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