Schmidt Program on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and National Power

The Schmidt Program on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and National Power fosters research and teaching that spans the disciplines of computer science, data science, economics, engineering, history, international relations, law, philosophy, physics, and political science.
The Schmidt Program serves as a hub for scholars and practitioners to work across disciplines on the technological and strategic transformations that are reshaping our world.  It was founded on a recognition that cyberspace is now the backbone of our global commerce, communication and defense systems, and a key aspect of the critical infrastructure that powers our modern civilization. Technologies and information spread nearly instantaneously, while the world economy and supply chains are integrated to a degree unprecedented in history.

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Research Areas

The Schmidt Program has developed seven initial areas of research emphasis, in close collaboration with affiliated faculty and practitioners. Each of these research areas are a focused teaching module within the Schmidt Program’s new year-long course, and involve close collaboration with centers of excellence on campus and with non-Yale partner institutions.

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Faculty and Classes

The Schmidt Program places teaching undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students at the core of its mission. The program encourages faculty to develop new classes available to Jackson students, as well as administer its own flagship course on “Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and National Power.”

Schmidt Visiting Scholars

The multidisciplinary Schmidt Program brings prominent technologists to campus as Schmidt Program Senior Fellows; offer postdoctoral fellowships to Schmidt Visiting Scholars; support collaborative research and student internships; and develop a robust offering of cyber- and AI-focused lectures, symposia, workshops, and conferences to further the dialogue around emerging technologies and security studies.

News from the Program

Stay updated on the latest news from the program.

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