Within the Foreign Policy department at the Brookings Institution, I worked for three teams simultaneously (aka ‘triple agent’) – The Center for East Asia Policy studies, India Project and the John L. Thornton China center. Not only was it exciting to contribute to research/authorship with some of the most renowned names in the field, I also had the opportunity to participate in important round-tables with key Asia-oriented policymakers and stakeholders. The timing of my internship also coincided with some interesting developments, including the visit of the Indian and South Korean leaders to the US, the Sino-Indian border standoff, and most recently, North Korea’s nuclear crisis. As a consequence, I was involved in the midst of some very important discussions on Asian security.

Likewise, being part of the research community here in Washington, D.C., I was able to attend key events organized by other major research organizations such as the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and the Wilson Center.

And then there’s the city of Washington D.C. Besides being in the capital city within the midst of major political and economic dialogue, I also had the opportunity to explore much of what this city can offer. The varied museums, memorials and exhibitions are as fascinating as is the scenery; then, of course, there are the amazing restaurants throughout the city serving some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten. This summer shall be fondly remembered.