How do I demonstrate that I am already proficient in a foreign language?

For non-native English speakers (if English is not your first language), you are not required to take a foreign language while at Yale. We ask for documentation to show your proficiency in English. For example, a high school transcript or documentation from your undergraduate institution would be sufficient, if courses were in English. Students can be tested by the language department.

For native English speakers, we require you to leave Yale with the equivalent of L4 level – essentially the intermediate level, ready for the advanced level. To fulfill this requirement, you would:

a) show a 3rd year language course on your transcript
b) complete through second year language course (L4) at Yale University
c) take a language proficiency exam.

Note that you can earn 4 credits (or 2 years) of language towards our degree. If you’re a joint-degree, you can earn 2 credits for our degree (the other school can use those credits towards the degree).


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