Yale College faculty approved a new Global Affairs major on Thursday December 2, 2010. Administered by the Jackson Institute, the new major will focus on an interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary global affairs.

The stand alone major will have two tracks: international development and international security. The international development track will focus on economic development in less developed countries. This track will also include the field of global health as it relates to public health issues in these countries. The international security track will focus on issues around international relations and diplomacy. The capstone project for the major will be participation in a policy taskforce. Students will also be required to demonstrate proficiency in one language other than English.

Additional information about the major will be available soon. Applications for admission to the new Global Affairs major will be available online in early January 2011.

Students accepted to the major before Spring 2011 will be expected to complete the requirements of the major in effect at the time of their admission to the program. In most cases, this means that members of the Class of 2011 and 2012 will complete requirements of the International Studies major. Members of the Class of 2013 will be the first to complete the requirements of the new Global Affairs major.