Alvaro (Alva) Morales is pursuing a joint MPP-MBA with the aim of improving how the social and public sector use technology and insights from data science, behavioral economics, and design-thinking.

Prior to graduate school, he was a social entrepreneur at the intersection of technology, media, and activism. In 2016, Alvaro co-founded the Family Reunions Project (FRP). The FRP uses virtual reality (VR) technology to allow undocumented immigrants to reunite with loved ones abroad, experience their hometowns via 360-degree video, and walk around photo-realistic 3-D renderings of the homes to which they cannot return. The FRP leverages the novelty of these “virtual reunions” for advocacy campaigns.

Alvaro delved into storytelling with Home with América, an award-winning room-scale interactive VR experience around one of the families that participated in the FRP. His follow-up work includes interactive media and traditional documentary projects about the US-Mexico border, undocumented workers in NYC at the height of the pandemic, and "migrant caravans" from Central America. Alvaro's projects have been supported by National Geographic, Verizon, Tribeca Film Institute, Facebook, Open Society Foundations, among others.

In the months prior to Jackson, Alvaro was a Summer Associate on the Innovation Team at the Rockefeller Foundation and an Investment and Behavioral Design Intern at Arifu, a Nairobi-based edtech company.

Alvaro began his career at NERA Economic Consulting, where he conducted economic analyses for fixed-income securities litigation.

Alvaro was born in Huancayo, Peru and raised in Virginia. He earned a BA in economics, magna cum laude, from Amherst College.