Diarmuid Cassidy is focused on reducing wealth, education, and health inequality within and between countries, and hopes to achieve this through work in European politics and international relations.
Diarmuid trained as a medical doctor in University College Dublin, graduating in 2019 with First-Class Honours. During his degree he gained clinical experience in the US, Tanzania, and the UK. After graduating he practiced clinically in Oxford University Hospital, with a particular focus on oncology. In 2020, Diarmuid joined McKinsey & Company in London. At McKinsey, Diarmuid supported European governments and international NGOs on topics ranging from international trade to pandemic response and future pandemic preparedness. During this time, Diarmuid was also elected to the Board of a Tanzanian children’s cancer charity, Their Lives Matter, that diagnoses and treats over 700 Tanzanian children a year, mostly if not entirely free of charge. Before starting his MPP at Yale in August 2023, Diarmuid spent three months with Open Philanthropy, where he evaluated new areas in global health for them to potentially fund. 

During his time at Yale, Diarmuid hopes to gain further expertise in politics, international relations, the economics of inequality (with a particular focus on taxation, international trade, and education) and the role and influence of supra-national institutions (e.g., EU, UN, AU) in relation to regional and national politics and geopolitics.