Dilan Ezgi Koç graduated valedictorian from Bilkent University, Turkey, in 2019 with a BA in international relations. As an undergraduate, she worked on international security, terrorism and  Middle East politics and co-authored and published three articles on the Syrian conflict and alliance politics. She studied briefly in Warsaw and held an internship in Budapest and Prague, conducting research on populism and migration studies. Prior to Yale, Dilan’s research focused on the dynamics of the nuclear market, and ways to satisfy the demand for nuclear energy without encouraging proliferation. At Yale, she hopes to expand her knowledge on nuclear politics and nuclear proliferation, delving deeper into U.S. counterproliferation policy, nuclear alliances, and the potential for nuclear dominoes in the Middle East. Recently, Dilan was selected as one of the 10 United Nations Youth Champions for Disarmament by the UNODA to work for the global disarmament goals and the norms vital to international peace and security, and sustainable development. Dilan is a Fulbright grantee and a McKinsey Women Achievement Award recipient. Outside of her professional interests, Dilan has also been taking active roles and working with NGOs to increase women’s participation in higher education in Turkey, and, as a classically trained cellist, has been playing the cello for nine years at several ensembles, orchestras, and symphonies.