Dilan Ezgi Koç is a fellow at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs’ Nuclear Security Program, part of International Security Studies.

She is currently a trainee at the Nuclear Policy Directorate at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. She supports the Directorate in its work to ensure the safety, security, effectiveness, and credibility of NATO’s nuclear deterrence, including by supporting relevant committees and senior leaders. Dilan also will work on issues focusing on the responsible integration of Artificial Intelligence tools and concepts into NATO’s defense and security processes.

Dilan has completed her master’s studies at Yale University, working on issues including nuclear and arms control policies, cybersecurity, new technologies, and Artificial Intelligence policy. At Yale, she also worked as a Kerry Fellow and conducted research on Iran’s nuclear program and the JCPOA for former Secretary John Kerry.

Dilan was also a Fulbright Grantee, a 2022 Nuclear Scholar at the Project on Nuclear Issues at CSIS, and a United Nations Youth Champion for Disarmament at the UNODA.