Elyne Wu is a junior in Grace Hopper College from Shenzhen, China, studying ethics, politics, and economics with a double major in art. She is particularly interested in the duality of hard and soft power at play in great power competition and how cultural platforms, diplomacy, and economic leverage can shape preferences and foreign relations through non-coercive means. Her interest in intercultural communication and diplomacy draws upon her experience studying abroad in the UK before college, and she hopes to further explore myriad perspectives in strategizing with the Grand Strategy cohort. Beyond her studies, Elyne is the head of public relations at Yale Alternative Investments, Yale’s finance organization dedicated to alternative investments spanning private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, and real estate. Professionally, Elyne practiced architecture before pivoting to the venture capital space, interning at DayOne and Sequoia Capital. This summer, she will be interning at Morgan Stanley’s Firm Strategy & Execution division. In her free time, Elyne enjoys gallery hopping, painting, film, photography, and all things architecture and design.