Gabe Ransom (SM ‘24, he/him/his) is a double major in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health with a concentration in Gender, Reproduction, and the Body, and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology on the Organismal Biology track from Orem, Utah. He currently works as Research Fellow studying the social, biological, and environmental determinants of health on Toxoplasmosis infection in urban slums, and travelled to Salvador, Brazil during the summer of 2022 to conduct field research. Outside of his research work, Gabe serves as the co-president of the Yale Undergraduate Society of Ethics, undergraduate chairperson of the Yale Patient Navigator Program, and has worked as a COVID-19 contact tracer. After graduation, he hopes to combine work with communities near his hometown in Utah, the greater American Southwest, and marginalized communities in Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa to understand the role of the environment, forced displacement, and political discrimination on health. Outside of his academic work, Gabe enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and skiing, studying languages (currently Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and Norwegian), geography, and loves animals, especially his pet chickens.