Hannah Hernandez is a fellow at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs’ Nuclear Security Program, part of International Security Studies. 

She is currently an intern at the Nuclear Threat Initiative in Washington, DC, where she contributes to nuclear policy reports, assists fellows and other researchers with projects, and collaborates on campaigns to engage the public in conversations on efforts to promote nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament. 

Hernandez transferred from Cerritos Community College to Yale University in 2020, graduating in 2023 with a B.A. in political science and a distinction in her major. She concentrated her studies on US-China relations and its intersection with human rights and nuclear politics. Her senior essay considered deterrence theory and other explanations that explain why China has advanced its nuclear technology and arsenal despite acquiring minimum deterrence and a retaliatory capability. In her research, Hernandez engaged with issues relating to arms control, national security, deterrence, and nonproliferation.