Isabel Linzer is an MPP student at the Jackson School of Global Affairs interested in human rights, democratic backsliding, and global authoritarianism. Most recently, Isabel was a researcher at Freedom House, where she co-authored two reports on transnational repression. During her time at Freedom House, she also led Election Watch for the Digital Age, a project focusing on the interplay of elections and the internet, and coordinated research on sub-Saharan Africa for Freedom in the World and Freedom on the Net, the organization’s annual reports on political rights and civil liberties and on internet freedom, respectively. Isabel previously worked at the National Democratic Institute, supporting NDI’s international election observation mission to Liberia’s 2017 presidential election. Her writing has been published in The Washington Post, Slate, and Foreign Affairs, among others. Isabel holds a BA in government and French from Wesleyan University. At Yale, Isabel plans to further explore how human rights research can inform policy.