Jack Parham graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA Hons First Class in Spanish and Portuguese. Having held roles in various non-governmental and charitable organizations in Nicaragua, Colombia, and Brazil, focusing on education and development, he joined a London-based legal investigations firm specializing in international litigation and arbitration. He has managed complex corporate mapping and evidence-gathering exercises involving bribery, money laundering, smuggling, and maritime sanctions busting. While his expertise lies primarily in Latin American affairs, he has carried out extensive research and solo fieldwork across jurisdictions in the Middle East, Africa, and Southern Europe. Prior to starting at Yale, Jack worked for a non-profit organization investigating the financial operations of perpetrators of human rights abuses, war crimes, and environmental harm. Drawing on his experience collaborating with law firms, civil society organizations, and state authorities, Jack will focus his studies on the international legal structures, diplomatic relations, and grassroots movements that facilitate the cross-border enforcement and prevention of corruption. He has received a Mellon Fellowship to pursue the MPP at Jackson.