Joyce Guo is an MPP student at the Jackson School of Global Affairs, specializing in two of the most pressing geopolitical topics of our time: climate change and artificial intelligence. Her primary focus centers on the pivotal roles that international negotiations and trade policy play in achieving climate sustainability and fostering responsible AI development. She completed an internship with the global affairs team at The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit technology start-up based in Netherlands, where she observed and participated in discussions related to the second round of negotiations for the UN Plastic Treaty.

At Yale, Joyce has held positions as a Teaching Fellow for two undergraduate statistics courses and a graduate ethics course. Additionally, she serves as a research lead at the Yale Foreign Policy Initiative, specifically concentrating on analyzing the impacts of U.S.-China AI competition on global energy consumption. Before joining Yale, Joyce spent over three years at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Australia and Canada, offering strategic advice to clients across various industries, including the public sector, consumer, energy, infrastructure, and financial services. Joyce graduated with first-class honors from The University of Melbourne in 2018, majoring in economics and finance. Her honors thesis, titled "Overriding in teams: The role of beliefs, social image, and gender," earned her the Kinsman Studentship and has been published by the Management Science Journal. She possesses a diverse skill set, including fluency in Mandarin, proficiency in R programming and STATA, a foundation in cybersecurity (e.g. SQL injection and man-in-the-middle attacks), as well as exceptional systematic thinking and negotiation skills.