Ketty Nguyen (MC ‘25) grew up in Ames, Iowa and studies medical anthropology at Yale. Her interests are drawn largely from her experiences as an immigrant navigating US socioeconomic, political, and medical institutions. She is passionate about improving equitable healthcare access for people of migration in the US and beyond. She recognises that many marginalised narratives, like those of undocumented immigrants and refugees, are disenfranchised and still insufficiently represented in global health efforts. Ketty hopes to apply her education and experiences at Yale towards a future in clinical medicine and health policy, amplifying the voices of those lacking sociopolitical and economic representation. On campus, Ketty is the Faculty Network Fellow for the Yale Institute for Global Health, volunteers with the HAVEN Free Clinic’s Longitudinal Care Coordination department, supports Morse as a college aide, and is a FOOT leader. She also loves long walks, chats in the fabric arts studio, and movie nights with friends.