Masooma Rahmaty is an MEM candidate at the Yale School of the Environment, with an interest in climate change, energy and the environment, international policy negotiation, and interlinkages of peace and climate. Before joining Yale, Masooma worked at the International Peace Institute (IPI), a research think tank based in New York City, where she conducted research and provided analysis on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), women, peace, and security (WPS) agenda, and has followed the climate negotiation at the UNFCCC. Currently, Masooma serves as research assistant at the Yale Law School’s Orville H. Schell Jr. Center for International Human Rights, providing support to their initiatives related to Afghanistan. Masooma graduated with bachelor’s degree in international relations, focusing on Middle Eastern studies, from SUNY New Paltz. She also spent a semester studying at the American University in Cairo. Born in Afghanistan, she later became a US Citizen. Masooma speaks Farsi/Dari, and Turkish.