Michael Davies graduated from the University of Oxford with a first-class BA in politics, philosophy and economics, and before coming to Jackson spent six years working within the UK’s “new economy movement” – a constellation of organizations and individuals pushing for radical, progressive economic reform. In his role as researcher for economic historian and parliamentarian Robert Skidelsky, he worked closely on Money and Government (Yale University Press), a history of economic thought and analysis of post-2008 macroeconomic policy, as well as a wide range of academic, journalistic and parliamentary output. He then helped establish the Progressive Economy Forum as its first secretary, commissioning and editing its written output and coordinating its events and policy workshops. Most recently, he was one of the founding team members of the Economic Change Unit, an organization working to influence economic policy debates through convening and strategic communications. Michael is originally from Blackburn, Lancashire in the United Kingdom, and at Jackson he intends to focus on international political economy, especially with respect to environmental breakdown and climate injustice.