Mohammad Aljumairi is a graduating Master of Advanced Study candidate from Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Mohammad is a veteran leader who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Military Sciences and Management from Abu Dhabi University, specializing in Human Resource Management. he also holds a Diploma in Military Sciences from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in the United Kingdom. Mohammad has over a decade of experience with the UAE Armed Forces Counter-terrorism and has commanded several successful operations in high-conflict areas. Before joining the Jackson Institute, Mohammad led village stability operations, as well as recruit and establish local security forces charged with facilitating peace-building initiatives among the civilian population. One notable example of Mohammad’s leadership and negotiation skills can be seen in a roundtable he established which brought together leaders from villages engages in conflict. As part of his work toward fulfilling the UAE’s mission to spread peace and tolerance in the conflict zones. Driven by the purpose of Mohammed strives to create a better life for innocent civilians, and whenever possible endeavors to deliver a message of hope to everyone he meets in these troubled conflict zones.