Oleksii Antoniuk is a fellow at the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs’ Nuclear Security Program, part of International Security Studies.

Antoniuk is a rising senior at Yale University, studying global affairs and economics. A native of Ukraine, his research focuses on Russian nuclear doctrine, specifically Russia’s policy on using nuclear weapons in conventional conflicts as a tool of deterrence. Antoniuk also studies how US nuclear-armed adversaries try to impact US public opinion with nuclear threats and how the US public reacts to such threats. He is currently working with the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff to research the Senate’s role in shaping the contemporary US foreign policy toward Russia and its threat of nuclear use in Ukraine. Previously, Antoniuk analyzed open-source intelligence about Russia’s military operations in Ukraine at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) and assisted Ukrainian Parliament member Solomiia Bobrovska’s staff in researching Russia’s strategic threats to Ukraine.

At Yale, Antoniuk has led the Alexander Hamilton Society, a student foreign policy organization. He speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Chinese. His writing has been published in Atlantic Council, American Purpose, and multiple Ukrainian publications.