My name is Olivia Summons and I’m a senior at Yale majoring in Global Affairs with a Certificate in French; I identify as a mixed race woman, black and white. Growing up in Baltimore in a two-person household with my mother, a single parent inner-city school teacher, she instilled in me a personal commitment for equitable and accessible education. The Jackson Institute and its extensive programming initiatives have been a formative part of my Yale experience. Jackson actively prioritizes bringing together professionals from diverse and international backgrounds. From the Senior Fellows to the World Fellows Program, my most impactful Jackson experiences have been derived from my engagements with the Jackson professional community, passionate about promoting global understanding and interconnectivity.
As part of Jackson’s DEI Council, I am proud and committed to the elevation of minority voices within Jackson’s student body and programming. I look forward to the opportunity to elevate accessibility as a key pillar within the Jackson undergraduate student community, especially given that historically marginalized communities stand to benefit most from the diverse perspectives held amongst Jackson Professors, Senior and World Fellows. I speak from personal experience, that students can only feel as prepared to tackle the world’s challenges as they feel supported by the institutions surrounding them.