Paulina Prasad is an MPP Student at the Jackson School of Global Affairs focusing on the nexus of international development and climate sustainability. Prior to her time at Yale, she lived in the Ecuadorian Amazon as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English at a local high school. She spearheaded the development of the first English language camp in the region and coordinated after-school youth clubs with the local community center. After serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Paulina was hired as an environmental specialist for Sun Mountain International, a company that specializes in environmental monitoring and compliance for USAID-funded food security projects. She worked out of the Quito office with Sun Mountain for over two years where she gained exposure to USAID procedures and documents. Her clients were in numerous countries with a large geographic breadth, which allowed Paulina to become familiar with different cultures as she worked with clients to strengthen their project’s environmental resilience and adaptation. At Yale, Paulina is focused on partnering with countries in the Pacific region and Latin America to create economically and environmentally sustainable policies with a particular focus on infrastructure and the built environment. Paulina received her BA degree in international relations from Boston University in 2018.