Sebastian Romero (SY '24) is a current junior in Saybrook College. He is a pre-medical student with interests at the nexus of healthcare, policy, and economics, majoring in Global Affairs and Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology. He hopes to attend medical school in the near future and prioritize his work in healthcare economics, specifically in the reduction of pharmaceutical and insurance costs. In his free time, he volunteers as an EMT and at the HAVEN Free Clinic as an interpreter, and can be found playing pickup basketball with his friends. He is currently employed as a research assistant at the Yale School of Medicine both in the Department of Emergency Medicine with Dr. Rebekah Heckmann and the Department of Orthopedics with Dr. Daniel Wiznia, studying opiate addiction interventions and healthcare access disparities based on type of insurance, respectively. He has held previous research positions at ProteoWise Biotechnology in western blot proteomics and at Brigham and Women's hospital studying biomarkers of hypertension and diabetes.