Sei-kashe M’pfunya is an MPP at the Jackson School of Global Affairs focused on international development in sub-Saharan Africa. At Jackson, she is particularly interested in learning how to refine current philanthropic strategies in the region to better equip non-profit organizations and foundations to fulfill their goals for social impact. She also looks forward to learning how to leverage the arts and cultural sector for public wellbeing. At Yale, she is a curatorial assistant at the University Art Gallery and volunteers as a remote consultant for the Urban Culture and Heritage Initiative of Mbare, Zimbabwe. She graduated cum laude from Pomona College in 2021 with a BA in International Relations and Fine Art. While at Pomona, Sei-kashe was a resident assistant, creative director of the African Students Association and founder of the annual Sanbonani! African Film Festival. She completed an honors thesis with distinction comparatively assessing the sine qua non and impact of cultural development strategies undertaken in case studies of Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe. Sei-kashe brings experience from non-profit and philanthropic sectors in spheres that include philanthropy (Schmidt Futures), art and culture (New York African Film Festival), STEM education (Ingressive for Good), and women (Global Fund for Women). Sei-kashe’s commitment to bring about public good within sub-Saharan Africa stems from the promise and vitality she sees in her home country Zimbabwe. After Yale, Sei-kashe plans to work for development consultancies that center on sub-Saharan Africa.