Walker Bargmann (MY ’25) is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health Major from Brighton, Colorado. Growing up, many of Walker’s family members were in and out of the hospital, and witnessing their perseverance inspired him to pursue a career in medicine. As a first-generation student, he is particularly interested in using journalism to make health and science information accessible to everyone. On campus, he is a research assistant at the Canine Cognition Center at Yale where he studies theory of mind in canines and primates. He also designs sets for musicals, is an associate reporter for the Yale Daily News, works with the admissions office as a Yale Ambassador for Colorado high schools, and is excited to begin volunteering at Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen in New Haven, CT. As a global health scholar, Walker hopes to learn how to break down large concepts into easily digestible content in his pursuit to make medical information accessible and gain a stronger foundation of the economic and political theories governing today’s healthcare systems around the world.