Youssef Ibrahim (ES’ 25) is a student pursuing a B.S. in Neuroscience and Global Health Studies on the pre-medical track. Born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt, Youssef aspires to address the notable deficiencies of the Egyptian public healthcare system such as the staggering public healthcare quality standards and bureaucratic corruption. He is interested in the accessibility of marginalized communities (e.g., refugees and low-income nationals) to healthcare. Through several Yale fellowships, Youssef spent a summer studying the pandemic impacts on the healthcare access of Syrian refugees in Egypt. Youssef is also an avid researcher intrigued by neurological regeneration research in the context of spinal cord injuries and strokes. Youssef seeks to combine his medical research experience with a deep understanding of health policy to revolutionize the medical research infrastructure in Egypt and the Middle-East and integrate it into policymaking. Aside from his academic interests, Youssef is constantly motivated by advocacy for empowerment and representation. He has served as the President of the Yale MENA Students' Association, the Vice-President of Yale Arab Students’ Association, a volunteer at IRIS & YNHH, and a Senator in the YCC.