On my first day of classes at Yale, I called my mom and told her that I was wanted to double or triple major. I was unsure what I wanted to study and didn’t know how I was going to choose between so many different disciplines. In researching the Global Affairs major, I quickly learned that being at Jackson meant studying multiple different areas of concentration. In choosing to apply to Global Affairs, I essentially chose to triple major.

Through the variety and flexibility of the Global Affairs curriculum, I felt I could partly major in Economics, partly major in History, and partly major in Political Science. Jackson’s program is unique in the fact that it allows for the study of mathematical and economic models of strategic interaction through social science, political science, and historical lenses. In simpler terms, its interdisciplinary nature equips students with tools from each discipline. This form of study allows students to develop an approach to tackling complex issues that I believe more accurately reflects problem-solving in the real world. This is why I applied to Global Affairs.

What I didn’t know when researching a major, and what has come to be almost more important than the curriculum, is the value of the community at Jackson. The Jackson community is not only comprised of dedicated faculty and fellows but also of motivated peers. This is an incredibly unique component of the major. The grad students, whether they are TAs or just individuals to chat within Horchow Hall, have incredible experiences and serve as generous and caring role models. Peers within the major also reflect the drive for impact and global service the program fosters. Working with individuals who strive to change the world and with a curriculum that gives you the tools to do so is unparalleled.

The multi-faceted decision-making process I’m developing through the curriculum is complemented by an active community of educators and peers that bring real-world experience into the classroom. This major not only prepares you for a career of global leadership, but it also gives the opportunity to create an impact while still a student. This is what makes the Global Affairs curriculum and community distinct.