The Jackson Institute for Global Affairs has selected Yale College junior Nicolas Wicaksono for the 2018 Douglas A. Beck Prize.

The $1,000 award is given to Global Affairs undergraduates who have demonstrated a deep interest in and commitment to global affairs. Winners are selected based on high academic achievement, leadership potential, personal integrity and commitment to public service.

Wicaksono, a global affairs and sociology major, says he first became interested in the global affairs major after taking a lecture class on the Cold War with Professor John Gaddis. He likes the flexibility of the major, which has allowed him to explore different disciplines, and the practical experience offered by the senior capstone course. This fall, Wicaksono will work with classmates on a research project for the U.S. Army Special Forces.

Outside the classroom, Wicaksono works with Jackson professor Jason Lyall in the Political Violence Field Lab. It’s a unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on a substantive project. “It’s satisfying to know my work is meaningful,” he said.

For Wicaksono, the Jackson community also serves as a valuable resource for career advice and mentorship. He often attends Jackson’s career workshops and served as a World Fellows Program Liaison last fall.

This summer, Wicaksono will travel to his native Indonesia to conduct an assessment of civil society movements, exploring how they are advocating for justice in the aftermath of the 1965 genocide in Indonesia. The research project is part of his Grand Strategy coursework at Yale.

After graduating, Wicaksono would like to work in conflict resolution institutions, such as the International Criminal Court or the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations.