Global Affairs Major


The Global Affairs major is intended to appeal to students who want to better understand and eventually impact the world around them.

The Global Affairs major offers two tracks: international development and international security. Courses from Global Affairs and other undergraduate programs are designated as electives in either track. Majors must select one of the two tracks as their focus, but all are required to take the core course for each track.

The international development track focuses on economic development and poverty, including global public health, in all but the world’s wealthiest countries. The international security track focuses on international relations, foreign policy, and diplomacy and includes topics relevant to national and human security.

Global Affairs majors are required to demonstrate proficiency in one language other than English by the time of graduation. This requirement is normally met by the successful completion (including "credit" in the credit/d/fail grade mode) of one course at the L5 level.

The senior capstone project is in the fall of the student's senior year.

The Jackson Institute has created the following tools to help current and prospective majors understand the requirements:

Advice to Applicants

The Global Affairs major is by application in the sophomore year, with an entering class of about 50 students. In the Spring 2011 term, the Jackson Institute admitted the first cohort of Global Affairs majors from the Yale College Class of 2013. 

Current underclassmen should review the requirements of the major and select courses with an eye toward the economics courses, language proficiency, and quantitative analysis requirement (GLBL 121). Students interested in the international development track who have already completed introductory economics, may also consider intermediate microeconomics in their semesters' courses.

Current sophomores who have already identified the track which encompasses their specific interest in global affairs, may also want to consider a course relevant to that intended track.

Advising Sessions

Current majors are expected to consult with the Director of Student Affairs as they plan their semester's courseload. During Fall Shopping Period, interested sophomores can schedule an appointment with the DUS. For the remainder of the  academic year, current and prospective majors can shedule appointments with DUS Susan Hyde or the Director of Student Affairs, Cristin Siebert. 

Schedule an individual appointment with the DUS

Schedule an individual appointment with the Director of Student Affairs

In addition, prospective majors are invited to attend a information session in the fall semester.

How to Apply

Current sophomores apply via the Application link at left.