Beth Mara Goldberg graduated with honors from Georgetown School of Foreign Service in 2012 with a BS in international security studies and a certificate in African studies. Most recently, she worked at Freedom House on Middle East and North Africa Programs, designing and implementing programs across the region to criminalize torture, engage women in politics, and legalize free expression. She previously worked with Namati on post-conflict rule of law and with Amnesty International on mapping the Arab Spring conflicts. Prior to working in Washington D.C., she taught refugee youth in Kenya and conducted an ethnography of the Somali diaspora across Kenya, Europe and the United States. She was a recipient of the Humanity in Action Fellowship in 2012 through which she studied Islamophobia and international human rights legal mechanisms. At Yale, Beth is pursuing studies in diplomacy and the intersection of human rights and technology. She focuses on issues of internet freedom and the democratizing effects of technology in repressive regimes.