Kristrun Frostadottir focused her MA studies on international finance and economic policy. She graduated from the University of Iceland in 2011 with a B.Sc. (distinction) in economics. During her studies she worked for the director at the Governor’s Office at the Central Bank of Iceland, on matters relating to the IMF’s Stand-by-Agreement with the Icelandic government after the financial crisis. She joined Arion Bank’s Research department as an Economic Analyst in 2011, where she focused on macroeconomic analysis and conducted research on the economic effects of changes in Iceland’s fisheries management legislation. In 2014, Kristrun completed her MA in economics at Boston University, where she was a Dean’s Fellow. During her last semester at BU, she was a member of the editorial board of Iceland’s main business newspaper, Vidskiptabladid, reporting on economic affairs in Iceland and abroad. Before coming to Yale, Kristrun was the lead economist in a Working Group on Monetary Reform in Iceland for the Prime Minister’s Office. She is fluent in Icelandic and English, and has intermediate proficiency in Danish and Spanish. After graduation, Kristrun will join Morgan Stanley’s Research Department in London as a research associate.