Enrollment Instructions Fall 2023

Students that do not belong to the Jackson School of Global Affairs should scroll to the very bottom of this page to express interest in GLBL graduate courses.

Courses that require permission of instructor are tagged on Yale Course Search, as are half-term courses and global electives. If a course requires permission of the instructor (see Yale Course Search),  Jackson school students must submit a permission to add a course through Yale Hub. If permission of the instructor is NOT required, then add course(s) using self-service registration through Yale Hub.

For more information, review enrollment instructions sent to your email during registration. Be sure to carefully review the information on this page and in the email. Please reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS)

Fall term course enrollment: April 14-28
Classes begin: August 30
Add/drop: August 29-Sept 5

Credit conversion
1 GSAS credit = 1 Jackson School Credit
0.5 GSAS credit  = 0.5 Jackson School Credit

Jackson School of Global Affairs

Spring grades due for graduating students: May 15

Fall term enrollment: April 14-24
Classes begin: Wednesday, August 30
Add/Drop: August 28-September 9 (First year MPP/MAS enrollment period)

School of Management

Please read the SOM instructions carefully as you are responsible for understanding the rules and regulations as set out by the School of Management (SOM). Elective courses can be found here.

Academic Calendar | Yale School of Management
Fall term begins: August 30
Drop period ends: September 8

  • Enrollment request form  | dates pending
  • Email the course instructor to request permission to enroll.
  • Change your status from “visitor/shopper” to “request to enroll” once the request to enroll form opens.
  • Once approved by SOM, the Jackson School registrar will add the course to your schedule manually. It cannot be added using Yale Hub.

Disclaimer: You will be billed for SOM course materials distributed in class or via Canvas. The fee is $15 for a half-semester course and $30 for a full-semester course.

Credit conversion
4 SOM units = 1 Jackson School Credit
2 SOM units = 0.5 Jackson School Credit

Yale Law School

Classes begin: August 30
Add/drop period ends: September 8 (8:20am)

Academic Calendar | Yale Law School

  • Non-Yale Law School (YLS) students may only take one LAW course per semester unless the course is cross-listed with Jackson or another school at Yale.
  • YLS courses can be found here.
  • Email the course instructor and ask for permission to enroll.
  • Complete the Request to Take a Law School Course form; opens on August 23.
  • Once approved, YLS will send your form to Jackson registrar who will enroll you in the course. More information about the process is available on YLS website.
Yale School of the Environment and Yale Divinity School

Classes begin: August 30
Add/drop ends:  September 12

Academic Calendar
Yale School of the Environment (YSE)
Yale Divinity School (YDiv) | add/drop ends on September 11

Permission of instructor required courses:
Email instructor for permission to enroll if permission of instructor is listed on Yale Course Search. If approved, send the written instructor approval to

Permission of instructor not required courses:
Add course using Yale Hub.

3 credits at YSE and YDiv = 1 credit at Jackson School.

Yale College

To receive graduate credit for an undergraduate course, follow these steps:

  • Follow same steps as you would for GLBL courses.
  • Complete the Jackson course change form and elect “request graduate creditafter registration closes but before midterm.
  • If the course offers discussion sections, please check with the Jackson registrar regarding adding discussion sections to your schedule.
  • Limit the number of undergraduate courses (numbered 499 and below) to one per term.

IMPORTANT: Language courses do not require a petition for graduate credit.

Directed Reading

If you have interests that cannot be addressed through regular graduate-level courses, you may arrange a directed reading or independent project with a faculty member or Senior Fellow for graduate credit. Usually limited to one per semester, these courses may involve reading the literature on a topic, attending a lecture or seminar series, and writing a substantial research paper. It is your responsibility to make all of the arrangements no later than the end of add/drop period. 

Directed Reading Agreement | Form link

Important note: The form will be routed to your advisor as well as the Assistant Dean for Graduate Education for approval. The request is sent from and may automatically go to spam.

Enrollment Request for Professional School Students (non-Jackson)

Form re-opens on August 20 at noon and closes on September 8 at noon.
Link to request enrollment: Submit the form

  • Once submitted, the form will be routed to the instructor for approval and then to Jackson’s registrar.
  • If approved, a final list of names will be sent to the registrar of the professional school you belong to once the form closes.
  • If you are accepted to enroll, you will be added to canvas as a “guest student,” thus you won’t lose your access when visitors are purged.
  • Your enrollment will be processed by your school registrar in January. Important: Make sure you follow any additional steps that are required by the professional school you belong to.