Academic Calendar

Jackson School of Global Affairs

The academic calendar provides you with important dates to keep in mind as you plan to enroll in courses at Yale University. Note that the dates and deadlines for each professional school vary. Those taking courses at other professional schools must adhere to the academic calendar that pertains to that school.

*Dates are subject to change until the official 2023-2024 Bulletin has been published.

Fall 2023

Aug 24 (Thu) - Aug 25 (Fri)
All 2nd year MPP students
Leadership & Ethics Workshop
Aug 21 (Mon) - 29 (Tue)
New Student Orientation
Aug 28 (Mon) - Sept 8 (Fri)
All 1st year MPP students enroll in courses
Add/Drop period
Aug 30 (Wed)
Fall 1 and full-term
Classes begin
Sept 1 (Fri)
Monday (Labor Day) classes meet on Friday
Sept 4 (Mon)
Labor Day
No classes
Sept 8 (Fri)
Final day to add a course without penalty
Sept 13 (Wed)
Pending confirmation
Final day to apply for LOA
Sept 18 (Mon)
Fall 1
Last day to drop half-term classes
Oct 17 (Tue)
Fall 1
Half-term classes end
Oct 18 (Wed)
October recess begins
No classes
Oct 23 (Mon)
Fall 2
Classes resume, Fall 2 classes begin
Oct 27 (Fri)
Final day to request credit to audit for a class and to drop a course without a "W" on transcript
Nov 13 (Mon)
Fall 2
Last day to drop half-term classes
Nov 16 (Thu) - Dec 1 (Fri)
Course registration opening and closing dates
Nov 17 (Fri)
November recess begins after last class
Nov 27 (Mon)
Classes Resume
Dec 15 (Fri)
Fall term
Classes end
Dec 21 (Thu)
Final examinations end, winter recess begins
Jan 8 (Mon), 2024
Fall grades are due

Spring 2024

Jan 12 (Thu)
Add/Drop period begins
Jan 15 (Mon)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Classes do not meet
Jan 16 (Tue) - May 10 (Fri)
Spring term dates
Jan 19 (Fri)
Friday classes do not meet
Monday (Jan 15) classes meet instead
Jan 24 (Wed)
Final day to add courses without penalty
Add/Drop period closes
Jan 25 (Thu)
Final day to apply for LOA
March 4 (Mon)
Spring 2, half-term courses begin
March 8 (Fri)
Midterm, Spring 1 classes end
Final day to request credit to audit for a class and to drop a course without a "W" on transcript
March 11 (Mon) - March 24 (Sun)
Spring recess
March 25 (Mon)
Classes resume
May 3 (Fri)
Classes End
Final examinations begin
May 10 (Fri)
Final examinations end, summer break begins
May 15 (Wed)
Final grades due for graduating students
May 20 (Mon)
University Commencement
June 3 (Mon)
Final grades due for continuing students
Final day for for faculty to request a grade of Temporary Incomplete (TI)

Summer 2024

May 27 (Mon)
Summer term begins
Aug 16 (Fri)
Summer term ends