The Global Affairs major is designed to give students the social science research tools to solve today’s most pressing global challenges. It is a truly interdisciplinary program with courses in nearly all departments at Yale. The major includes about 60 students per class selected by competitive admissions. In the fall of senior year, Global Affairs majors complete the Capstone Course, a unique public policy project on behalf of a real client, supervised by a faculty member.


Application Deadline

The Fall 2018 application deadline for global affairs majors is November 16, 2018. The application will be available in September 2018.

Information Sessions

Each fall, the Jackson Institute hosts several information sessions for Yale sophomores who are considering the Global Affairs major. In Fall 2018, sessions will be held on October 30 and November 9. Please visit our events page for more details and to register.

Changes to the Major

We are excited to announce some changes to the Global Affairs major. The changes will be rolled out in two phases and will affect the 2020 and 2021 graduating classes onwards.

The first two changes will apply to the 2020 graduating class, while all of the changes will apply to the 2021 graduating class.

  1. TracksThere will be no formal distinction between security and development. Students will have more flexibility to shape their own curriculum according to their own interests and ambitions.
  2. Intermediate Microeconomics will be required for all Global Affairs Majors. Game Theory will no longer be a requirement.
  3. It is recommended that GLBL 121 or comparable course be underway or completed prior to admission into major
  4. A sequence of three quantitative analysis courses specific to Global Affairs will be created for the academic year 2018-2019:
    • GLBL 121 (Applied Quantitative Analysis) will continue to be open to all students but it will only be offered in fall.
    • GLBL 122 will be a new quantitative methods course open to Global Affairs majors only. The course will be offered in the spring (first in the spring of 2019). It will be recommended that newly admitted students take this course in their sophomore year.
    • The research design requirement will be renamed “qualitative and other methods” and will include a broader set of qualitative classes, data science classes and game theory. Possible examples of classes would be GLBL 191, GLBL 180, ECON 159, S&DS 230.
Current Global Affairs Majors

Current majors should refer to this page for the requirements for the Class of 2019.

Advising Sessions

Prospective students: We encourage prospective applicants to attend an information session. The dates are posted here each fall.

Current juniors and seniors in the major are expected to consult with the director of student affairs as they plan their schedule for the semester.

Global Affairs juniors and seniors should contact the director of student affairs, Lily Sutton, or the DUS, Professor Sigrídur Benediktsdottir, to schedule an appointment.

Please note that Lily Sutton is the first point of contact for questions about your schedule, your plan of academic study, the requirements for the Global Affairs major, or your plans for completing the major. Professor Benediktsdóttir’s primary responsibility is to oversee the undergraduate program, though she is happy to meet with students as needed.