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University Career Resources

Undergraduates interested in global affairs will find their main source of advising and opportunities through Yale’s Office of Career Strategy and their online job system, Yale Career Link.

Jackson Career Programming for Global Affairs Majors
  • Opportunities to attend small group meetings, dinners, or coffee gatherings with career speakers
  • Summer dinner in London for Jackson students and alumni

Questions? Contact Elizabeth K. Gill, assistant dean for career development

Hear From Alumni

Cornelius Saunders '14

“My advice for current students is that the scope of development work is expanding which is creating exciting opportunities with nontraditional organizations. For instance, there is a growing recognition of the role of technical and programmatic innovation in addressing social challenges. The application and regulation of these technologies will be increasingly important over the next few years – and will require the collaboration of diverse stakeholders.

At graduation, I would never have imagined implementing digital identity programs which use artificial intelligence, biometrics, blockchain and mobile technologies. Similarly unexpected is that my work entails regularly engaging with governments, nonprofits, and multilateral organizations but also major tech companies and startups. The MPP at Cambridge gave me a chance to explore these types of initiatives, conduct independent research, and improve my analytical and communication capabilities. It was also a nice opportunity to take a step back from work responsibilities to assess my career options. Students interested in the field should not hesitate to reach out to organizations even if there are no advertised positions.”