Jackson staff members are dedicated to advancing the school’s mission. Staff provide a range of support services to students, faculty and fellows.

Josh Anusewicz Thumbnail
Josh Anusewicz
Writer and Communications Manager
Adrian Armanini Thumbnail
Adrian Armanini
Director of Development
Jana Baslikova Thumbnail
Jana Baslikova
Director of Academic Services
Lisa Brennan Thumbnail
Lisa Brennan
Senior Fellows Coordinator
Stephanie Brown Thumbnail
Stephanie Brown
Senior Executive Assistant
Katie Bussiere Thumbnail
Katie Bussiere
Director of Alumni Affairs
Kelly Campbell Thumbnail
Kelly Campbell
Senior Administrative Assistant, Climate Fellows
Enit Colon Thumbnail
Enit Colon
Senior Administrative Assistant
Kristen Estabrook Thumbnail
Kristen Estabrook
Assistant Director for the Career Development Office
Maureen Farrell Thumbnail
Maureen Farrell
Director of Communications
Nadine Gannam Thumbnail
Nadine Gannam
Senior Administrative Assistant
Elizabeth Gill Thumbnail
Elizabeth Gill
Assistant Dean for Career Development
Tammy Johnson Thumbnail
Tammy Johnson
Financial Assistant
Melissa McGinnis Thumbnail
Melissa McGinnis
Assistant Director of Admissions
David Morse Thumbnail
David Morse
Director of the Writing Program and Lecturer
Kaete O'Connell Thumbnail
Kaete O'Connell
Assistant Director of the Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy
Nancy Phillips Thumbnail
Nancy Phillips
Senior Administrative Assistant
Leslie Powell Thumbnail
Leslie Powell
Associate Director, International Security Studies
Asha Rangappa Thumbnail
Asha Rangappa
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Senior Lecturer
Holly Salter Thumbnail
Holly Salter
Assistant Director, Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program
Larisa Satara Thumbnail
Larisa Satara
Chief of Staff and Associate Dean
Alexa Schlieker Thumbnail
Alexa Schlieker
Director of Finance and Administration
Taylor Spadacenta Thumbnail
Taylor Spadacenta
Assistant Registrar
Timothy Stumph Thumbnail
Timothy Stumph
Associate Director, Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellows Program
Lily Sutton Thumbnail
Lily Sutton
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Brenda Torres Thumbnail
Brenda Torres
Senior Administrative Assistant
Liz Vastakis Thumbnail
Liz Vastakis
Business Administrator, International Security Studies
Erica Weston Thumbnail
Erica Weston
Senior Administrative Assistant
Sara Wilhelm Thumbnail
Sara Wilhelm
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration
Edward Wittenstein Thumbnail
Edward Wittenstein
Executive Director, International Security Studies, and Lecturer