Application Protocol for 2020-21 | Global Health Studies MAP

In response to Yale’s plans for the Fall 2020 term and substantial student interest in the Global Health Studies Multidisciplinary Academic Program (GHS MAP), we are adjusting our application cycle to accommodate sophomores enrolled for the fall term and sophomores who choose to take a leave of absence.

Typically, Yale College students apply to the GHS MAP in the fall of sophomore year and receive a decision over winter break. This will remain the application cycle for sophomores enrolled in the Fall 2020 term. For sophomores taking a leave of absence, we will open applications again for a two-week period ahead of the spring term (January 2021) to accommodate sophomores who cannot or choose not to apply while on leave.

Application of the Policy

Sophomores who are enrolled but not in residence should apply for the GHS MAP this fall.

  • We will hold a virtual information session in mid-to-late October.
  • Applications will open on November 1 and close on November 30. Decisions will be communicated over winter break.

Sophomores taking a one-term leave of absence in the fall should apply either this fall or during the two-week window in January 2021 when re-enrolled for spring term.

  • As above, fall applications will open in late October and close just before the Thanksgiving break in November. Decisions will be communicated over winter break.
  • Applications for the January 2021 cycle will open for approximately two weeks before the start of spring term for sophomores who have taken a fall-term leave of absence.

Sophomores taking a one-year leave of absence should apply when re-enrolled in the Fall 2021.

As the January application for sophomores on leave is a response to extenuating circumstances, we anticipate returning to a single annual application cycle for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The application committee will take into consideration the proportion of students enrolled versus on leave when determining outcomes as fairly as possible for the two application processes.

For further questions and clarifications, please contact the program manager, Cara Fallon at