Applying to the Global Affairs major

Admission to the Global Affairs major takes place during the sophomore year.

Application Form & Deadline

Applications are typically due on the Friday before Thanksgiving break.

Information Sessions

Each fall, the Jackson School hosts information sessions for Yale sophomores who are considering the Global Affairs major.

Please visit our events page for details and registration.

Advice to Applicants

Current underclassmen should review the requirements of the major and the FAQs. It is strongly recommended that, at the time of application, applicants have made progress towards the required economics sequence and to have taken (or currently be enrolled in) GLBL 121 or acceptable substitute.

*Global Affairs follows the Yale College COVID-19 accommodation from fall 2021 which says that courses taken Credit D/pass in fall 2021 will count for the GLBL major. This includes required courses for the major (i.e. intro economics sequence, analysis courses) taken in fall 2021.

Advising Sessions

Current and prospective majors can schedule appointments with the assistant dean for undergraduate education, Professor Sigrídur Benediktsdottir, or Lily Sutton, assistant dean for student affairs. Please note that such meetings do not influence admissions decisions.

In addition, prospective majors are invited to attend an information session held each fall and announced in collaboration with residential college deans and the Sophomore Class Council. Prospective students may want to sign up for the Jackson School mailing list.