GLBL 7280

The Jackson School invites applications to the Leadership course offered by Chris Fussell.

Application is due on August 22 at noon.

This one credit course (GLBL 7280) is designed for students wanting to deeply reflect on what it means to be a leader, and to help them prepare for leading others in their future. Amongst the many pressures of the role, leaders affect the lives of those they lead, influence the health of the organization they oversee, and hold an important role in advancing social progress. Many learn these realities through trial and error but are rarely given the time to consider what leadership truly entails and how we, as individual leaders, will handle the challenges that lie ahead.  From heading up a small team to running a major organization, leadership is often an isolating and uncertain position, but is also full of opportunity to positively impact others, and to advance society broadly. Leadership is challenging, exciting, and sometimes terrifying; but most importantly, it is a choice to which one must recommit every day. This course is designed to offer a foundation in the practice of leadership for students who want to take on these challenges in their future. The course is divided into three main sections: historic perspectives on leadership, leadership in context, and personal reflections on leadership. Students finish the semester with a foundational understanding of leadership models throughout history, a range of case studies to refer to in the future, and most importantly, a personal framework that can be applied and expanded throughout their journey and growth as a leader. Students do not leave with all the answers they need to conquer the countless challenges that leaders face, but they instead leave with an understanding of how leaders work, every day, to improve themselves and better the lives of those they lead.

The course schedule can be found on Yale Course Search.
Application is available here and closes on August 22 at noon.