About the Initiative

Peace is a state of human relations to which many would aspire – yet find hard to sustain. In the 21st century, it is increasingly apparent that peace cannot be treated as a given. Rather, peace is something that must be cultivated. Invested in. Built.

The Jackson School of Global Affairs Peacebuilding Initiative (PBI) works towards understanding pathways to peace and documenting how policy efforts can build a more lasting peace.

Faculty affiliates are leading a global comparative study to help realize a more peaceful 21st century, including multi-site research with partners in Costa Rica, Jordan, Mauritania, Northern Ireland, and Turkey, as well as with New Haven communities, Connecticut, and the United Nations. It will also provide concrete opportunities for Jackson School students to complete a field practicum in partner countries.

The initiative also hosts an annual colloquium and speaker events to consolidate lessons learned and develop the peacebuilding network anchored at Yale.


In Fall 2023, a group of Yale students traveled to the UN to present their findings to the Office of the Special Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide, led by Jackson School faculty member & PBI affiliate David Simon.