3 credits. Entrepreneurship is all about starting and running your own business. Before starting a business, entrepreneurs must research the viability of their business and develop a strategy for executing the business. While the steps for doing this are often the same, regardless of the business, the specific issues and areas for investigation usually depend on the type of business and the industry it is in. This course offers students the opportunity for personalized coaching and feedback on their individual business concept. The course is for up to four teams of three to four students each, who want to pursue their own new start-up venture. Ventures must have the potential to be eligible for F&ES’s annual Sobotka Seed Stage Venture Grants and the Sabin Prize. This means they should have the potential to grow big by solving a large problem in a unique and feasible way. The scope of the work includes: (1) doing in-depth market, product, and competitor research; (2) creating a strategy for a viable business; (3) developing a financial model; (4) writing a professional-quality executive summary; (5) developing an “investor pitch” presentation. Meeting dates to be determined.