This course is designed for students committed to actively and intentionally engaging in leadership development. The goal is to increase your capacity to lead through the practical, hands-on application of leadership concepts. The course has two parts. In part one, students will learn foundational concepts such as – creating an environment that supports development, using coaching as an action-oriented approach to achieving goals, and exploring effective and innovative ways to overcome barriers to development and change. Part two will focus on building specific leadership skills to further deepen your ability to lead. Topics include communication, conflict competence, leading through change, emotional intelligence, resilience, and managing up. Additionally students will regularly partner with a peer coach to build on in-class learning by determining where, how, and when he or she can practice these concepts outside of class. This course combines lectures, in-class experiences, scenario discussions, reflections, partner exercises, and the practical application of learning beyond the classroom. The experience will be hands on, interactive, and students who are fully engaged will increase his or her capacity to lead while having fun along the way!