I am a native English speaker and do not speak a second language. How can I meet the foreign language proficiency that is part of the graduation requirement?

Students can take language courses at Yale, but if you have no foreign language experience it can be difficult to meet the proficiency by graduation. Enrolling M.P.P. students may be eligible for Jackson-sponsored language classes at the Middlebury Summer School to be taken the summer before enrollment.

To qualify for a Jackson-sponsored language classes at the Middlebury Language School during the summer preceding your first year at Jackson, you need to fulfill the following three conditions:

(1) All your academic instruction has been in English
(2) You have had, at most, one semester of foreign language instruction in college
(3) You do not speak any other language than English

You will be able to demonstrate these conditions in your application.

Note: Indicating need for language classes will not in any way affect your chances of admission, this question is only for planning purposes.


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