If I am very interested in applying to the Global Affairs major, which classes would be best to take during my Freshman and Sophomore years so that I can best take advantage of the major if I am admitted?

In addition to working toward Yale College Distributional Requirements, it is highly recommended that prospective Global Affairs majors take Intro to Microeconomics and Intro to Macroeconomics in their freshman and sophomore years. It is our strong recommendation is that majors and prospective majors take GLBL 121 as the quantitative methods requirement, prior to taking the Development Core course, though this is not required before admission to the major.

It is also beneficial to work toward the L5 language requirement. Prospective majors may also take a research design course before the junior year.

Finally, if you are considering a term abroad, we recommend Spring of sophomore year as it reduces scheduling conflicts with the Core and Capstone requirements for Global Affairs majors in the junior and senior year.

GLBL 225 and GLBL 275 are open to all students in their sophomore year and beyond, on a space available basis.


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