What kind of transcript do I need to submit with my application?

When you complete an application for admission, you must upload a transcript or academic record for all colleges/universities you have attended. This may be an informal transcript that you download from your school’s information system, or it may be a transcript issued to you personally from your college/university registrar. All transcripts you upload to your application must include: your name, the institution name, course names and grade information, and any academic comments that would be a part of an official transcript.

If you upload a PDF of an electronic transcript, please make sure no additional authentication is needed, as transcripts requiring authentication will not upload successfully.

Do not submit an official transcript to us by mail. Mailed transcripts are unnecessary during the application process and will be discarded. Official transcripts will only be required for admitted students, and they will receive specific instructions about this after they have accepted an offer to enroll.

Please note, if your transcript includes sensitive identifying information, such as your Social Security Number, you may redact this before scanning and uploading the transcript to your application.


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